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By the time Pixie Pod was finished in the clean kitchen, the sun was setting out the kitchen window. Pixie Pod was now more confused than ever about something, so he sat down for a moment to think about what to do, and do you know what he did next? No! Well he fell fast asleep in his stove side seat. When he woke up it was dark and the stove had gone out.

Later on he woke up again and yawned. “What was it about today that made it so different from most of my other days?”, he said to himself, but of course he was on his own, so he didn’t expect an answer. He went to the nut jar to leave some nuts out for Tree Topper Clive, but strangely he discovered Tree Topper Clive’s nuts from the previous night already under the mat. So he put the nuts back into the nut jar, drank a glass of milk and got back into the wrong side of the bed and fell fast asleep.