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‘Right!’ he said, ‘Lunch!!’ to himself. Today being today consisted of Gloobleberry muffins and tea. Normally lunch wouldn’t be Gloobleberry muffins and tea, its just that Pixie Pod was so confused, that when he tried to think of food, all he could think of is Gloobleberries. Anyway he made lunch.

As pixie Pod was sitting down to lunch, there was a knock at the door. Twas Tree Topper Clive dropping in to say hello. “Would you join me and have some Gloobleberry muffin”, asked Pod. “How kind of you to offer”, said Tree Topper Clive, as he sat up to the table. Tree Topper Clive was having a normal day and eating anything other than nuts was strange for him. So Clive didn’t assume to think that Pod was having anything other than a normal day himself.

They ate muffin and chatted, and when lunch was over, he said “Thank you very much” to Pod and bid him farewell, as he had important business with important squirrels to attend to. Pod was the only pixie in the whole of the forest and the meadow, so there were no important pixie meetings ever. Pixie Pod was now more confused than ever, and the mushroom house was a big mess. “Time to clean up, I suppose”, he grumbled to himself. Attending to the kitchen, he went straight to the sink, throwing everything that was dirty into a mountain of dirty things in the sink. “Hot water and suds”, sang Pod as the mountain of dirty things made their way to the draining board, and not by magic either!!