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He put carrots and potatoes in the pot and put his eating things on the table. Tree Topper Clive was at this time at the other side of the forest starting a normal day by eating some nuts, having got out of the bed on the right side. Tree Topper Clive didn’t have a home as such, especially as one nut tree is as good as the next, which is better than none in squirrel-land. And occasionally when it became too cold for Clive to climb the trees, there was always the store of nuts Pod would leave under the mat, just in case, but not usually in the morning time.

After dinner, Pixie Pod sat down by the stove and read his favourite bedtime story to himself. “Terrible Timmy and the Mad Bad Bumps”. He scratched his head. ‘Hmmm’ he said to himself, ‘normally when I have my bedtime read, I get so tired by the middle of the story that I never make it to the end, How Strange!!’. Pixie Pod then thought that, a wander through the woods would set him straight. So with further adon’t, Pod was hat, coat and gloves out the door.

Pod didn’t notice the bright sunlight bouncing off the dew drops when he made it to the meadow, so as far as he was concerned, it was still evening. Although by this time, the whole of the forest and the meadow was busy being the whole of the forest and the meadow, and very much alive and awake.

Pixie Pod was bored with the walk. Something wasn’t right about the day and doing what he was doing, wasn’t solving the problem, so he turned and plodded home. On the way he began thinking about what he should do. He should do something as it was Trinkday, the thrumteenth day of the week and Pixie Pod had never known a Trinkday before when there was nothing to be done. Pixie Pod reached his front door and went back inside.